Angela Gray's Cookery School

at Llanerch Vineyard




Angela Gray

Angela Gray has worked prolifically in the food world starting her career as a personal chef working in Europe and North America. Her clients have included an esteemed list of Counts and Countesses and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. Angela moved on into the restaurant business where she developed her relaxed style of cuisine with a strong Mediterranean influence.

She returned home to Wales where her culinary path changed direction and led her back to school. After three years of full time study she graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Food Science. Whilst studying Angela also ran a small fine dining catering business and held a twice-monthly cooking club in her home. The club lasted for 15 years and was to form the basis of the cookery series that was to come her way.

Angela tirelessly promotes cooking as a relaxation therapy, in parts, meditation even, also as nourishment, and the perfect balance to the day-to-day stresses life can bring. With her passion running high for teaching people to cook, she is looking forward to the future and welcoming people into the culinary oasis at Llanerch Vineyard.

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